There is talk of the object of the future as something evanescent, light, psychic; of immaterial objects akin to images or holograms. On the eve of the twenty-first century, we are seeing an era focused on the heightening of sensation - a development provoked by a more destructured use of language but which will usher in a new harmonics.

Sound Object -1


©2019 - Remix off the Tresor Release “Doppler Shift” by Shao
Released by Crater/Caotai Records

©2019 - Made with Roland JD series Instruments

Sound Object 0


Sound Object 1

©2017 - Made with Roland TR series  and Waldorf Instruments

Sound Object 2

©2016 - Made with Roland TR series and System Series Instruments

Sound Object 3

©2015 - Made with Roland Juno Series

Sound Object 4

Featuring Toby Mak
©2014 - Made with Roland TR and NI Monark
Recorded in Shanghai @ Mak Studios

Sound Object 5

©2017 - Made with Roland TR and NI Monark

©2018 - Made with Roland VariOS
Trumpet recorded @ Mak Studios

Sound Object 6


Quote from David Toop's "Ocean of Sound"