Selected Past Events 2015

Matsuri Sep. 19 2015

Le Fou - Electronics for Taiko Ensemble


Featured live performer for Toru Harada's exhibition @ Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai

Step Into Bass Electronic Music Festival


Line-up /

06:00-07:00pm: LUOHAN (live) Binaural beats for meditative brain entrainment 
07:00-08:00pm: LoCHOI (live) Drone TeKno or live dub electronica
08:00-08:30pm: LLND (live) Cymatic Road Trip
08:30-09:00pm: Fanka Fellas + Jammala African Drums show
09:00-09:45pm: Noise 
09:45-10:45pm: DESTOYS (live) House-Disko 
10:45-11:45pm: MHP (live) TeKno
11:45-12:45pm: MAX (Running Blue) (live) TeKno
12:45-01:45am: 严俊 (YanJun) Live Machines dance DaNCE 
01:45-03:00am: KAYTV (live) Dub TeKNO 
03:00-04:00am: Le Fou (Lifecell) Live Tekno 
04:00-06:00am: LeiHong - Hard TekNO 
06:00-08:00am: Emmanuel SANTAROMANA - House 
08:00-09:30am: Chen Debin - minimal fast Tekno for TaiQi Sports
09:30-11:00am: MUJA- Hip Hop DubStep
11:00-12:30pm: FunHouse - Elektro Disko
12:30-01:30pm: Give Band Live Psykedelik Band /
01:30-3:00pm: Laurent L with KayTV live machines imprve
03:00-5:00pm: Acidalius (live) Machines
05:00-6:00pm: Summer Live Accoustic songs